The Best Austin Restaurants of 2023

December 30, 2023

Yet another delicious year of eating my way around the best Austin restaurants in 2023! 2023 was full of scrumptious bites around Austin and I still have so many spots on my ever-growing list. Oops! Some of these opened in 2023, others were open and I just got to them. Regardless, there is no shortage of restaurants opening (and closing 😓). Keep in mind, these are MY favorites…

Best Date Night Spots in Austin

June 10, 2023

This guide is part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance’s 2024 City Guide #atxbesteats Updated February, 2024I love a good date night – not just with my boo but with girlfriends too! We have a ton of spots all over Austin that I’ve been to and would recommend based on vibe/mood/food/drinks and so I figured I’d round them up for you here. powered by Proxi Aviary Wine and Kitchen…

The 15 Best New Austin Restaurants of 2022

December 28, 2022

I only scratched the surface when trying to work my way down my list of New Restaurants in Austin in 2022. There were way too many new restaurants to count and I have several more to try but I did find 15 of the new restaurants that opened in 2022 to be noteworthy and must-visits! As always, it’s so sad to hear and see many longtime establishments in…

5 Must Try New Restaurants in Austin

July 26, 2022

I’m finally making my way down my list of must try new restaurants in Austin – especially in July! There are so so many on my list and I think I add at least 3 every week. The food scene in Austin is still booming! Have you been to any or all of these new spots yet? Diner Bar I was so excited to visit the Diner Bar’s…

The 10 Best New Austin Restaurants of 2021

December 14, 2021
The 10 Best New Austin Restaurants of 2021

Dare I say 2021 was a tad better than 2020? Yes, the pandemic continues (I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 years of the pandemic life), but thanks to vaccines, I felt comfortable mid-summer trying a good chunk of new restaurants that opened in 2021! I’ve only made a dent in the best new restaurants in Austin, but feel like I hit up many that were at the…

5 Must Try Spots in Austin – November 2021

November 30, 2021

Continuing my series of 5 Must Try Spots in Austin! You all asked for more recommendations, so I’m at your service! Sammie’s I booked my reservation 30 days in advance and it was worth the wait! Controversial sentiments amongst many people on whether Sammies’s was worth it and if the food was good – here I am to tell you that I enjoyed it and obviously recommend a…

5 Spots You Must Try in Austin – October 2021

October 14, 2021

Starting up a new series (maybe monthly) of Must Try Spots in Austin according to yours truly! I get asked this question a lot whenever I meet up friends I haven’t seen throughout the pandemic – “what are some of the best restaurants you’ve tried lately” – knowing full and well that my list of new restaurants to visit is never ending and I’m slowly making a dent…

Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin (2/4/2021)

February 4, 2021

Back by popular demand! I’m starting up this series again now that I’m past the worst part of my foot surgery and can drive again and pickup take out! Woohooo! Y’all, being able to grab take out on my own is a freedom I’ll never take for granted. My husband was super awesome and would go pick up food anytime, but something about being able to hop in…

Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin (10/16/2020)

October 16, 2020

The moment we’ve all been waiting for – EARLY VOTING is here! There are tons of restaurants and breweries offering deals and discounts if you show your “I Voted” sticker and if you needed even more of an incentive to vote, there you have it! I’ve made it my mission to support as many local Austin restaurants as I can through take out. I know many of you…