My Favorite Austin Restaurants in 2019

December 28, 2019

As I was compiling this list of my favorite Austin restaurants that I ate at in 2019, I realized I had some pretty epic bites and we have too many amazing restaurants! I’ve listed out 21 of my favorite places but honestly, I didn’t have a bad meal in 2019. As usual, please click the Vessel map below to see pictures of what I ate and easily plot out your next meal!


The Omakase at Uroko was by far the #1 meal of 2019! 12 pieces of the freshest nigiri, at a 6-seater counter, for just 45 minutes – yep, pretty incredible! If you want to partake in the dining experience, make a reservation now!

Word of Mouth Bakery

I’m a kale lover through and through! I had the Lemon Kale at WOM Bakery and absolutely couldn’t stop telling everyone I knew about it. My husband is a lemon kale salad lover now too! Their sandwiches on their housemade focaccia can’t be missed too!

Lucky Robot

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten at Lucky Robot, but there were 2 standout dishes – I mean everything is exceptional – but these two dishes have been consumed by me several times this year. First off, the Chirashi Bot <- a bowl of rice and all the freshest sashimi with a gorgeous soft boiled egg. And then, DO NOT SKIP OVER the Umi Miso Ramen. It’s a next-level ramen dish with seafood – the broth is light and flavorful – and the dish is just exceptional!

Jacoby’s Restaurant & Mercantile

Did you know Jacoby’s has a mid-day menu available on the weekends from 2-5PM? Well, they do, and their offerings a mash up between Jacoby’s and Grizzelda’s and you’ve gotta make a visit for these fantastic dishes right now. We fell in love with the Frito Pie! But also, we always enjoy the deviled eggs.

Do you live in East Austin like me and want a quick list of the Best East Austin Restaurants by cuisine? I gotchu -> Best of East Austin Restaurants

Revelry on the Boulevard

One of my favorite spots, RKB, opened a second restaurant up north called Revelry on the Blvd and it’s spacious, has an extensive menu and the maker of one of my favorite salads I ate this year – the Fattoush Salad. Get over there for lunch, happy hour, dinner or brunch and be prepared to be blown away!


I don’t call myself a Korean food expert, but when Oseyo opened, I had to visit because it looked and sounded authentic to me. I went in for dinner one night and ordered the Bibimbap of course, and it was delish. We started with their dumplings which were such a delight and deserves a spot on my best bites of 2019!

Nate’s Baked Goods & Coffee

I’ve been a longtime fan of Nate’s. Their location is such a gem and adorable! They created the Superseed Bun sandwich which you can get anytime they’re open, and I’m obsessed! I dream about it and swing by anytime I’m near. It’s a sandwich with your choice of a frittata and they smear their pimento cheese on top and hot sauce on it and it’s just an explosion of all the most satisfying flavors!

Franklin Tacos

Did you know Franklin BBQ opened the Franklin Taco trailer?? Yes, you’re not dreaming this up. It’s a real thing. It’s located right behind the BBQ joint and opens at 7AM Thursday-Sunday and is a must! Get their chorizo if you can because you can’t find it anywhere else. I really enjoyed the brisket, egg and cheese and the hot link special!

Trill Taqueria

We consider ourselves super lucky to live down the street from Trill Taqueria. We’re frequent taco eaters there and for good reason! What Chef Belloni is doing is truly outstanding and if you enjoy hand ground masa tortillas with local ingredients and the most beautiful garnishings, then you’ve gotta get some tacos at Trill. If you ever see Chilaquiles on the menu, ORDER IT! Besides the tacos, I’m a huge fan of his Chilaquiles!

Gabriela’s Downtown

It took me entirely too long to hit up brunch at Gabriela’s but wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I’m a fan and hitting it up often! It might be at the top of my best brunches list too (don’t have this list published yet). Start with the Queso Flameado and stretch that cheese…real good!

Bird Bird Biscuit

I’m a born and raised Southern gal so when Bird Bird Biscuit opened up just a few streets down from me, everybody probably heard me screech with excitement! The Queen Beak is my go-to but they introduced the Theodore which I think I like even more – imagine that! If you love fried chicken and biscuits, then BBB is your spot! They’ve got a veggie option too friends.


St. Elmo Brewing has become one of our go-to breweries down south not only for their amazing beer selection but also because Soursop is right outside. Have you been? They serve up Pan-Asian food and if you like ingredients like Thai basil, sambal, and curry to name a few then this is your truck. Their WATERBURGER is delish and on my best burgers in Austin roundup! Order a side of tater tots with Thai basil ranch and thank me later!


One of my sushi-loving friends raves about Fukumoto and I’m so glad I finally went and totally know why there is such a hype around them! While it’s pricey, the quality of the fish is outstanding and their yakitori menu is fantastic! My favorite thing there is the Salmon Yakitori; it melted in my mouth!

Otherside Deli

My husband is a huge pastrami fan so when I heard that Otherside Deli was moving in to a brick-and-mortar and the owners were from the NJ/NY area, we knew it was going to be a must visit spot. I quite often crave their Otherside Turkey and I really enjoy their pastrami (which is huge for me because it isn’t my usual). Their Pastrami + Mustard is outstanding and has made my list of the Where to Grab the Best Sandwich. And don’t pass up their sides! If you see a chocolate chip cookie, GET IT! It’s on my roundup of the Best Cookies in Austin!


I’ve been a frequent at Andiamo for the last 3 years and with good reason! Chef makes the tastiest pasta dishes, non-pasta dishes, and desserts! The Blueberry Millefoglie was probably my favorite dessert I’ve ever eaten there! While it’s seasonal, if you happen to be there in the Spring, make room for it and devour it (don’t share)!


An oldie but goodie, Epicerie has a special place in my heart as my Brother and I used to go there often when they first opened and my Brother lived here still. There is nothing there that I haven’t enjoyed. Recently, I brunched there after ages and saw the Salmon Toast on the menu so ordered it and WOWZAS, it was a delight! And stunning! Take a look at the pic of it in the Vessel Map up above!


Some of the best Italian food in town out of a trailer? Yep! Grab a drink at the Butterfly Bar and sip on it while you wait in line to order your food from Patrizi’s. I’m not a frequent pasta eater but when I crave it, Patrizi’s Diavolo with chicken and a side of garlic bread is too good to pass up!

Uncle Nicky’s

We love anything that the Via313, Nickel City, Juniper team puts together, so Uncle Nicky’s, being part of that family, has become a spot we hit up often. Nestled in Hyde Park by the Antonelli’s, Uncle Nicky’s is open early and late and has super delish sandwiches, toasts, breakfast, pastries and gelato! Oh, and they’re a Negroni bar so get your hands on a couple there. I find their pricing to be totally reasonable! If you’re there for breakfast/brunch, please order the Ham & Eggs. My mouth is watering just writing about it!

Do you love a good sandwich? Not sure where to find some of the best in Austin? I’ve done the work and have a few recommendations for you -> Where to Grab the Best Sandwich in ATX.

Hank’s Austin

For all the earthy, warm vibes, excellent food, extensive coffee menu and pastries galore, Hank’s has something for every tastebud. They love dogs there too so bring yours! They make my favorite veggie burger in town (not the bird seed kind that I typically have had and never liked). They also have the cutest, small-size Chantilly Cake that is my very favorite indulgence! Get it for yourself or share it with your friend/date/family, but it has to be at the top of your list of things to try at Hank’s.

Carpenter’s Hall

Carpenter Hotel is so up my alley of hotels I’d stay at and a place I hang out at to “work from coffeeshop!” They have a restaurant in the hotel called Carpenter’s Hall that is open early and late! The menu changes throughout the day but if you’re there when they have the Crunch Rice and Quinoa Bowl on the menu, order it. It’s so so satisfying and beautiful too!

Brewer’s Table

I appreciate and seek out restaurants that are zero-waste. I mean what a concept right? Nothing goes to waste in restaurants like that. Brewer’s Table brews their own beer and uses the malt, yeast, etc in their cooking! I’m always blown away with their menu and how absolutely creative the dishes are there! The Aged Pork Ribs were just one of my favorite bites I’ve had there – doubtful they’ll be on the menu when you go, but my point is that you won’t go wrong with whatever you order there.

So these are my favorite restaurants I dined at in Austin in 2019! I tried to include what dish actually stood out in my mind. I’ve got a neverending list of places I have to check out still so if you don’t see your favorites, it’s probably because I haven’t had the chance to go yet! High on my list of places to try are: Comedor, Hestia, Dipdipdip Tastuya and Kalimotxo.

Let’s go together!

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