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April 14, 2020

We’ve passed the one month mark of staying at home and only going out to pickup curbside food. I went to the Mueller Farmer’s Market the first Sunday and the experience was stressful for me so I had to find a different way to support local farms and vendors without being out and about. (From what I’ve heard and seen on social, the farmer’s market experience has since been organized to focus on 6′ distance and maintaining the health and safety of everyone around)

Enter SnackShare and Good Apple Foods!

Both came into my life at the absolute perfect time and I’m so thankful. First up, SnackShare

Every week, I go on their website and make my custom box. You can pick from veggies, meat, dairy, eggs, cheese, snacks, drinks and cooking products. I love their service because you create a custom box and only get what you want or need.

Over the last several weeks, we’ve ordered so many fresh veggies, the best chicken breasts I’ve ever eaten from Hohn’s Acres, the best tasting ground wagyu beef from Peeler Farms, super tasty sourdough crackers from The Sourdough Project, plant-based jerky from Snack Jack, gorgeous eggs from Hat & Heart Farm, and a few bottles of Strawberry Fronk’s!

My husband is the Chef in our house and has made some incredible dishes with all of the ingredients. Look below for some pics.

If you’re interested in ordering, be sure to put your order in by Thursday at midnight for Sunday or Monday delivery. Use code EATLOCAL for $10 off your first order. You can keep adding to your basket until Thursday midnight in case you realize you are out of something and need to make a last minute addition 🙂

This was my SnackShare haul from this past weekend!
Ground wagyu beef used to make Beef Kaftas and rainbow chard sauteed with some garlic – amazingly delish!
Loved the Spring Mix from Bouldin Farms with our tuna salad and had to add a bit of crunch with the Sourdough Project sundried tomato crackers

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Do you want to be a good apple in your community and fill your fridge with fresh local veggies and fruit while also helping someone who is experiencing food insecurities? Well, look no further than Good Apple Foods!

A friend of mine who knows the Founder of Good Apple Foods told me about their services and it was a no-brainer for me to sign up! For $30 a box, delivered on Sundays, you get a ton of local fresh veggies and fruit and a neighbor in need will get a FREE box <-INCREDIBLE RIGHT?! They’re trying to eliminate food insecurities and food waste and they’re doing a dang good job of it!

We’ve used so much of our first box to make things we wouldn’t usually make since some of the ingredients are new to us – like curly endive, daikon and rutabaga. But I surprised myself with some incredible creations and we even pickled daikon and carrots to add to EVERYTHING!

If you’d like to sign up for a box, use my code ATXBITES50 for 1/2 off your first box (it’ll be $15). You can skip a delivery if you don’t want it or cancel anytime. Sign up at Good Apple Foods.

Pickling some daikon and carrots!
I made Rutabaga fries with the rutabaga and topped it with guacamole!

We’re obsessed with both services and will definitely be continuing with both for as long as we can! What’s not to love about getting fresh produce, meats, breads, etc delivered to your door especially when we’re encouraged to STAY HOME and get delivery and takeout!

Be safe and stay well! We’ll make it out of this soon!

Until then, Bon Appetite with whatever you make at home 🙂


April, 2020

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