Best Cookies in Austin Right Now

May 11, 2019

This guide of the Best Cookies in Austin is part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance’s 2021 City Guide. #atxbesteats

Updated August, 2021

I love a good cookie! Not sure if many of you know, but I’ve had my own baking business on the side, Choco-Latte, for 8 years and make an “Infamous Chocolate Chip” that is my best seller. I haven’t had time to bake much due to a day job in consulting, however, one of these days, I’d love to bake for you. In the meantime, I do crave a really good cookie every now and then, so here is my round up of MY favorite cookies in Austin right now!

Teddy V. Patisserie

Online ordering available or pickup singles at Sa-Ten or the Texas Farmer’s Market at Lakeline and Mueller

I’ve been a fan of Teddy V. cookies since at least 2017. I remember meeting the owner, Elisia, at the Mueller Farmer’s Market one sunny Sunday and she was hosting a contest at that time – post a picture of your cookie on IG and a lucky winner could win a cookie party! I won! By then, I was consuming at least 1 of her cookies a week – I’d cut it up into quarters since these were some serious cookies, and I wanted it to last me a few enjoyable sessions 🙂

Anyway, that’s the beginning of me spreading my Teddy V. love and now, these cookies are so popular that Elisia has quit her job to make cookies for all of us FULL TIME! She’s got walnut chocolate chip cookies available for all those chocolate + nut lovers! And occasionally, a gluten free version too!

Snag you a cookie or two at the Lakeline or Mueller Farmer’s Markets on Saturdays and Sundays or at one of her pop ups all over town. She of course takes special orders and you can even order and get your cookies shipped all over the U.S.! Check out the Vessel map up above for a cookie “cake” I ordered for my birthday! And a video of just how big these are!

Address: Lakeline Farmer’s Market 11200 Lakeline Mall Dr.; Mueller Farmer’s Market 4209 Airport Blvd.

These beauties are a third of a lb each!

Nate’s Baked Goods and Coffee

Available for dine-in or to-go

I’ve had cakes, scones, tea cookies and cookies from Nate’s and have never been disappointed. When the owner (she knows I love cookies) told me about her new creation, The Lil Daddy, I had to try it to see what the hype was all about. NOW I GET THE HYPE!

Holy Mother! This beast of a cookie has Chocolate Chunks, Triple Chips, Oatmeal, and Peanut Butter and you need this ASAP! As predicted, it’s now my favorite non-chocolate chip cookie in Austin. Yep, you heard it here first!

Address: 401 Orchard St.

Get into my belly!

Otherside Deli

Available for dine-in or takeout!

Imagine you’re looking for a delish pastrami sandwich, the best in Austin, and you make your way out to Otherside Deli. You enjoy said pastrami sandwich and catch a glimpse in the distance of what looks to be a chocolate chip cookie. You inquire about said chocolate chip cookie and Chef responds, oh ya, it’s the last one and there is a sprinkle of sea salt on there. Want one? You quickly respond YES!

Wanna know where you can find the best sandwiches in Austin? I’ve got you covered with my post “Where to Grab an Incredible Sandwich in ATX

I’m obsessed with Otherside’s cookie. It’s that perfect blend of bittersweet chocolate and salt and just the right size to be consumed in one sitting!

Address: 1104 W. 34th Street, Suite D.

A little bit of crisp, a whole lotta chocolate and a tad of salt!


Available for curbside pickup

I was on a mission to try ThoroughBread out one day. I went on a weekday a little after lunchtime thinking this would be the best time to miss the lunch crowd. I was right! It was just me and my coworkers enjoying the sights and aromas of so many cookies! Check out my Vessel map above for a couple videos of the cookie display.

I wanted to branch out from my usual choice of a chocolate chip cookie and got the PB&J cookie instead. WOWWWWWW! The jam in this cookie was truly exceptional. You’ll have to see the video in my Vessel map to sneak a peek into the inside of this incredible creation!

Address: 1709 Bluebonnet Ln.

The banana nutella is one of their signature cookies! You’ll have to break it open to see the surprise!

Carpenter Hotel (Hot’l Coffee)

Available for dine-in and pickup

The cutest coffee shop that has a living room that is the perfect spot to work, read a book, chat with a friend, Hot’l Coffee at The Carpenter Hotel, has one of the tastiest cookies in Austin too!

Work from coffee shop and need a rec? “The Best Coffee Shops in Austin to Get Your Work On” has all of my favorite caffeine and work vibe spots listed for your viewing pleasure!

Pair this Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookie with a golden latte and be prepared to settle in for all the cozy vibes! TBH, I’ve gone in just for the cookie after eating a solid lunch at Carpenter’s Hall and feeling extremely full. It’s so worth it!

Address: 400 Josephine St.

The perfect size cookie – and I dip it into this golden latte because ooey gooey warmth!


Available for curbside pickup or delivery at Hestia

Not too long ago, if you wanted to enjoy the Monster Cookie from Henbit, you had to visit Fareground since that’s where Henbit is located. Lucky for those of us who don’t work downtown and also don’t want to fight parking, you can find these Monster Cookies at Whole Foods downtown!

Chocolate + Nut lovers rejoice as Henbit’s cookie is the perfect combo of both and it’s huge! This is a cookie I portion into quarters to savor over a few days much like my approach to Teddy V.’s!

Warm it up for a few and enjoy the gooey-ness without the mushy-ness!

Address: 111 Congress Ave. P300

Check out that distribution!

Sixth and Waller

Available for dine-in and take out

Rotating cookies y’all. Yes, you read that right. The specialty cookie changes regularly and while I’ve only had one so far, I’m going in soon for a different one, but the Vanilla Bean Toffee cookie you’re about to see was PERFECTION!!! As I eat the others, I’ll be sure to post my faves here, but for now, behold the masterpiece below.

Address: 1108 E. 6th St.

Vanilla Bean Toffee beauty – not too soft, not too crispy…just right!

Easy Tiger

Available for dine-in, curbside pickup and delivery

I finally went in and snapped a picture of the Chocolate Chunk cookie that is one of my faves at Easy Tiger. It meets my criteria for an amazing cookie with equal distribution of chocolate, a soft cookie with crispy edges! It truly deserves to have a place on this list. Have you had it?

Address: Several around town; 709 E. 6th St.

I love a good chocolate chunk! Soft in the middle and crispy on the edges!

Whole Foods Downtown Austin

Grab one in the self-dispenser cookie section

Alright, so I’m not vegan but I do have a dairy intolerance, so I’m always on the hunt for a chocolate chip cookie that doesn’t have dairy in it but tastes damn good regardless. I don’t know why it’s so challenging to find a vegan cookie but so many of you told me I had to try the Big John at Whole Foods and I finally did! I love the chunks inside and the structure of the cookie – it holds up, it’s huge and it doesn’t get hard in a day or so (I eat my cookies over multiple sittings b/c I can’t eat all of it at once). Whether you’re a vegan or not, give this cookie a fair chance. I think it’ll blow your socks off!

Address: 525 N. Lamar Blvd.

Big John – Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Word of Mouth Bakery

Available for curbside pickup and dine-in

I’m embarrassed at how long it took me to visit Word of Mouth Bakery 🙁 What a gem! I’d be there everyday if I lived within walking distance!

After stuffing my face with their Citrus Chicken Sandwich, Lemon Kale Salad, Beet and Chevre Salad, Croissant, Biscuit, and Tres Leches I proceeded to take a bite of the Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie – and wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, what a bite that was! I bet if I warmed it up for 10 seconds, it would be even better honestly. The cookie is deserving of a spot on this list, but really, WOM needs to be on your list to check out asap and drop by all the time.

Address: 917 W. 12th St.

Love the chocolate chunks and the dash of sea salt!

Soup Peddler

Available for curbside pickup

I’ve been a frequent Soup Peddler customer since probably 2009 or so and I’ve NEVER tried their Super Baked Cookie until now…SMH! I’ve heard from several of you that I needed to try it asap and give my verdict. Well the verdict is that it is delicious, a wonderful blend of coconut, oats and chocolate and it’s very large – perfect for people like me that consume a cookie over multiple days. It has earned a spot on this round up, so that should tell ya something! Have you had it yet?

Address: Several locations around town; 4631 Airport Blvd.

Holding up the cookie so you can get an idea of its size!

Sour Duck Market

Available for dine-in and curbside pickup

We’re regulars at Sour Duck for their yummy food and draft cocktails, beer and wine and FINALLY had their chocolate chip cookie after probably dining there 20 times…better late than never! Yup, it’s delish…probably in my top 3 favorite cookies right now. Love the chunks…love that it is soft but not crumbly…love that it is a decent size…I also ate it in one sitting which is unusual for me but I couldn’t stop myself.

Address: 1814 E. MLK Jr. Blvd.

Such a delish beauty!

Spread and CO.

Available for curbside pickup and dine-in

I brunched at Spread and CO. and right at the counter, I spotted the Cheddar and Chocolate Chunk cookie which I’d heard good things about, so I got one (asked them to heat it up) and devoured it. It just works! Don’t hesitate to get it. You’ll be very pleased.

Address: 1601 W. 38th St., Unit 1

It’s a monster cookie too!

Little Deli & Pizzeria

Available for dine-in and curbside pickup

We’ve got a new location of Little Deli & Pizzeria in Windsor Park, woohooo! I was just browsing my pizza choices and spotted the chocolate brownie cookie and couldn’t pass it up! It’s incredibly satisfying – chewy and crispy and chocolate-y and GLUTEN FREE if that is a preference of yours!

Address: 1804 Briarcliff Blvd.

Perfect cookie/brownie y’all

Paper Route Bakery

Available for pick-up

Guess what? Paper Route Bakery is open again after taking a break during the majority of the pandemic. You better believe I hit them up on day 1 of the reopening!

The chocolate chip cookie with brown butter fudge is now wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up high on my list of favorites. Like, mindblown by the flavors and I literally devoured it in 30 seconds tops.

Get your hands on one or a handful asap!

Address: 1010 E. Cesar Chavez (connected to Cenote Cesar Chavez)

TruLea Cookies

Available for delivery

A friend of mine knows how much I love cookies. Especially GOOD cookies. So he sent me a box of TruLea Cookies to get my opinion on how I’d rank them. Opened the box up and my jaw dropped. These cookies were thicc and substantial and I liked the distribution of chocolate chips. I then took a bite and understood the hype. They’re now in my top 5. Text Lea to place your order. I need to try her Chocolate Toffee cookies next! She’s got so many types of cookies so get 1/2 dozen of each and try a bunch.

OG Chocolate Chip

Bang Bang Cookie Co.

Available for delivery

The owner of Bang Bang Cookie Co. reached out and wanted to deliver cookies to me to try since she’s just getting established in the cookie delivery space. I rarely turn down cookies and moreso a delivery, so I said sure! Her cookies aren’t like others you’ve seen out there. THEY’RE GIANT! They’re at least 6″ in diameter! I saw one of her cookies on my friend’s Instagram and knew I needed it right away.

I had the Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle and Birthday Cake cookies – can’t tell you which is my favorite because all 3 were divine! They’re soft but don’t crumble while you’re taking that Instaworthy shot 🙂

Order you or a friend some right now!

Birthday Cake Cookie

Damn Delicious (D2) Desserts

Available for delivery

The newest addition to the cookie delivery life here in Austin, D2 Desserts, is whipping out incredible cookies! I tried the Grandma’s Chocolate Chip, Fancy Pants Chocolate Chip, Ooey Gooey Buttery Cookies, and the Peanut Butter Cookies and let’s just say my husband and I housed them! Get you a sampler pack so you can try all 4. And be on the lookout for other specials he might have!

Cookie Wookie Kitchen

Available for Delivery

These tasty cookies from Cookie Wookie Kitchen are made with aged cookie dough! They’re seriously the perfect blend of crispy and chewy!

Erica uses local ingredients, adds a hint of her Asian culture and ingredients and a bit of childhood nostalgia in her creations. Take for example Vietnamese Coffee with Cacao Nibs, Black Sesame Cookies and Cream, and Cereal Bowl cookies! Sound amazing right? They are. Order some for you and a friend asap! P.S. my husband just said they’re some of the best cookies he’s tried lately!

Chicken Salad Shoppe

Available for dine-in, curbside or delivery

First off, we’ve got a chicken salad everything restaurant now! Andddddddddddd, they’ve got MONSTER STUFFED COOKIES! Y’all…I’m at a loss for words. Their sandwiches are divine and their cookies are monstrous and super satisfying. I had the Nutella Double Chocolate and the King Bubba and both were super duper amazeballs!

Address: 12901 N. IH 35

King Bubba!!


Ships nationwide

Austin folks may have seen Wunderkeks at the Texas Farmers Market on the weekends and heard about their successful sale of 25k cookies when SXSW was canceled earlier this year due to COVID! These cookies are super satisfying, the perfect portion for a single devouring sesh (or eat multiple if that’s your thang)! I fell in love with the Everything cookies and will absolutely order and inhale their other creations.

They pride themselves in not using premixes or preservatives and you can definitely taste the love in every bite! Guess what? They ship nationwide too and have gorgeous cookie care packages that make the best gifts for the holidays. Gift yourself too – because you deserve it!

Tiny’s Milk & Cookies

Available for pick-up

Several years ago this gem that is so well-known in Houston made its way to Austin, and our cookie (brownies, ice cream) game has never been the same. Their chocolate chip cookies are a miracle of nature and you’ll want to grab a couple b/c you’ll likely be sad when your first cookie is devoured!

Address: 1515 W. 35th St.


Available for dine-in and outdoor

This new neighborhood wine bar on E. 12th has an incredible wine selection and also dessert including this Sicilian Chocolate Chip Cookie that you HAVE TO MAKE ROOM FOR WHATEVER YOU DO!

We sat the Chef’s Counter and watched trays of these beauties go in and out of the oven and couldn’t pass on one after smelling them hot-out-the-oven over and over again. Don’t snooze on them…wine and chocolate chip cookies are the perfect match!

Address: 2944 E. 12th Street

Sicilian Chocolate Chip Cookie of your dreams!

I have a few more cookies that I love but don’t have pics of at the moment so come back here for an update very soon!

Cheers and cookies,


May, 2019

This guide is part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance’s 2021 City Guide. Check out more of the best eats in Austin, curated by Austin food bloggers, on the full list of guides.

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