5 Must Try Spots in Austin – November 2021

November 30, 2021

Continuing my series of 5 Must Try Spots in Austin! You all asked for more recommendations, so I’m at your service!


I booked my reservation 30 days in advance and it was worth the wait! Controversial sentiments amongst many people on whether Sammies’s was worth it and if the food was good – here I am to tell you that I enjoyed it and obviously recommend a visit – I’m including it here!

I asked a few friends for their recs before dining there and they didn’t lead me astray. DEFINITELY order the Caesar Salad. It is incredible. Like wow…must be the addition of chili oil?

We shared the calamari and the Chicken Parmesan. Both were too legit. A huge pet peeve of mine is that calamari stay crispy and this one did. The chicken parm was sooooooo huge. Both of us shared and still had leftovers. I couldn’t believe the size of the plate!

They have an amazing wine selection as well as spirits. Hubs had a few amaros upon recommendation of the waiter and he enjoyed both.

Tips: Make a reservation. Share so you can try multiple dishes. The restaurant is loud – feels like Little Italy in NYC. Wait staff are doing their best so be patient!

Look at the size of that Chicken Parmesan!


I love everything that Chef Tavel does and when I found out he was opening up Canje, a restaurant true to his heritage, I knew we’d have to go! Make a reservation in advance because they’re popular and totally worth the wait!

I’ve dined at the space where Canje is since it was Gardner wayyy back in 2015. The space has transformed many times and the decor for Canje is by far my favorite. Simply breathtaking. Feels like somewhere in the Caribbean for sure!

We ordered a cocktail and wine – both menus are extensive and you won’t go wrong with whatever you order. Started with the Amberjack Ceviche and Texas Melons. Holy wowzers – both were power packed with all the bright flavors. Seriously, out of this world dishes! I’ll always order Jerk Chicken wherever I go but especially if Chef Tavel has it on his menu. You’ll have to order it. It passed my Jerk Chicken test! And I’ve been eating jerk chicken for 30+ years. Be sure to finish with a dessert. Save room! We had the passion fruit flan and I was speechless.

Book your dinner asap!

Texas Melons – sweet, spicy and citrusy!

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Taco Bronco

My favorite BBQ spot’s taco truck is back open after a brief hiatus. This girl is happy!

They also opened up Saddle Up, an all day coffee and bar spot which pairs perfectly with the best Brisket Nachos, El Jefe Tacos, or Tinga tacos south of the river!

I have a hard time choosing between nachos or tacos at Taco Bronco. It’s also hard for me to pass up their brisket. I had the carnitas nachos last time I went and I loved the combo and glad I branched out!

Carnitas nachos (down below) and Tinga Taco (up top) – both are excellent!

Brooklyn Breakfast Shop at Prep ATX

The famous Brooklyn Breakfast Shop has opened up a location northish and can I just say that I screamed with excitement when I heard the news? They’re open EVERY SINGLE DAY and get your orders in early! I order the night before to guarantee something I am craving.

I had the Sweet Heat for my first time – can’t pass up fried chicken on a biscuit. I think I have a problem! Or maybe it’s because I’m a born and raised Southern gal?

Their new location is in the Prep ATX Commercial Kitchen Space off of E. Anderson Lane. It’s convenient to order online…run over and pick up. Enjoy there inside or outside. Or just eat it at home. Regardless, us East/North people should be rejoicing because these breakfast sandos are incredible!

The Sweet Heat – a gorgeous sandwich!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered Paperboy’s Kale Salad! It’s a staple for lunch at my house. Butttttt, I had the great pleasure of dining at the brick and mortar with a friend recently and I ventured out of my normal kale salad eating and ordered the chicken and biscuit 🙂 You must know that I’m obsessed with fried chicken and biscuits. You know me right?

The biscuit is under all that gravy (picture below), the fried chicken is perfectly crispy. I loved the over easy egg. It’s safe to say that this gal was happy and full after this plate of scrumptiousness!

Fried Chicken and Biscuit of my dreams!

Reserve at these spots if you can and please be sure to tell me what you think!

I hope you love them all as much as I do!

Bon Appetite,


November, 2021

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