Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin (8/21/2020)

August 21, 2020

I hope you’ve had a great week! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting these roundups together and suggesting some of my favorite take out spots in Austin that you may not know about! I’m going to list out 3 places going forward so I have content every Friday for months to come.

I’ve made it my mission to support as many local Austin restaurants as I can through take out. I know many of you are wanting to try new-to-you spots so here is another list of my favorite spots with the best bites I’ve ordered for take out! Get out there and support local Austin if you can. Our restaurants in Austin sure could use the support!

Remember that pictures and videos are in the Vessel Map rather than down below. If you click on a particular location, you’ll have the option to go to their website, check out a menu and see my pics and/or videos per location.


Paperboy has a brick-and-mortar that we’ve watched get built since it’s down the street from our house and wow is it gorg! I haven’t been in (because ‘rona) but they’ve got a take out window that is super adorbs! I absolutely love anything and everything Paperboy makes but if I had to narrow it down, my faves are the BEC, chicken salad sandwich, and the kale salad (I’m a sucker for a good kale salad)!

40 North

Such a goodie for not only pizza but also their cheeseburger! I love 40 North pizzas so much and their creative ingredients and flavors. They specialize in Neapolitan pizzas and those are my favorite style so it’s a frequent spot for us. And their cheeseburger is FANTASTIC so if you see it, order it. Thank me later!

Check out last week’s roundup for more suggestions – Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin 8/14/2020


I love that Launderette has SO MANY veggie options and dietary options for all! We wanted something a little bit more upscale for a date night at home (every night is a date night though), and I thought Launderette would be perfect. It didn’t disappoint! We got the whole chicken, brussel sprouts and frites (I ALWAYS get their fries). It was the perfect meal! They now have a 6 pack of their Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches available to-go so get on it!

Happy take out to you! Let me know if you try any of these recommendations (or prior recs) down below in the comments. If you have any spots that are doing the take out game well, hit me up!

Bon Appetite,


August, 2020

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