Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin (7/24/2020)

July 22, 2020

Another week, another list of some of my favorite spots with the best bites I’ve ordered for take out! Get out there and support local if you can. Our restaurants in Austin sure could use the support!

As you’ve seen from my previous posts, the embedded Vessel Map below includes a visual of the restaurants mentioned below. If you click on a particular location, you’ll have the option to go to their website, check out a menu and see my pics and/or videos per location.

Nate’s Baked Goods & Coffee

I discovered Nate’s Baked Goods and Coffee probably 3 years ago and it’s been on regular rotation in my food consumption all this time. They’ve got the best superbun sandwiches (stacked and nourishing) as well as amazing sweet treats like cookies, cakes in a jar, whoopie pies, etc. Don’t forget to order a comforting beverage as well! Grab a Lil Daddy or Double Daddy cookie and tell them I suggested it 🙂

The Superbun Sandwich – it’s stacked!

Omakases travel well and are perfect for a date night at home! Uroko has the omakase to-go situation sorted out perfectly and it’s so wonderful to eat all their nigiri in the comfort of your living room (in pjs of course). They’re not offering dine-in right now so the Omakase is $45 for 12 pieces of nigiri. It’s definitely worth it!

Here are both of our omakases – so gorgeous right?

Check out last week’s roundup with 5 other restaurants included – Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin 7/17/2020

Galaxy Cafe

Galaxy Cafe has been around a LONG time when it comes to Austin restaurants. Admittedly, I hadn’t been there in probably 10 years but I wanted to give some attention to restaurants that have been around for a while and still slinging some good grub!

We ordered the Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich, Turkey Burger and Zocalo Bowl and I’d eat them all again. They’re incredible!

Zocalo Bowl, Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich, Turkey Burger – all were delish!
Bufalina Deli @ The Brew and Brew

If you’re a Bufalina Pizza lover AND love sandwiches, then their new deli sandwiches have to be on your list stat! Their deli sandwiches, like the meatball parm, eggplant parm, Bada Bing (Italian sandwich) are available daily 11-8PM at The Brew and Brew. The Bada Bing comes on housemade foccacia that is to die for!

The Bada Bing – it’s THICC!
Thai Fresh

Some of the best Thai food in Austin is hands down from Thai Fresh. I miss dining in there – mostly because I always feel the need to get a Thai tea and also a scoop of vegan ice cream or a slice of one of Jam’s cakes! They’re doing take out though and I’m so glad because they’re just a short 15-minute drive from our house and their curbside pick up option is so easy!

I was craving the Drunken Noodles so I ordered that but their green curry is so so comforting and their pad thai is dang good! You can’t go wrong with whatever you order there.

Drunken Noodles with Chicken – y’all, so heavenly. I had leftovers too!

I can’t wait to share more of my recommendations next week. Until then….

Bon Appetite,


July, 2020

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