Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin (2/4/2021)

February 4, 2021

Back by popular demand! I’m starting up this series again now that I’m past the worst part of my foot surgery and can drive again and pickup take out! Woohooo! Y’all, being able to grab take out on my own is a freedom I’ll never take for granted. My husband was super awesome and would go pick up food anytime, but something about being able to hop in the car and drive on my own is just so liberating!

Anyway, I’ve missed putting these weekly recommendations together and I’ve got quite a backlog of spots I want to showcase, so here goes!

I’ve made it my mission to support as many local Austin restaurants as I can through take out. I know many of you are wanting to try new-to-you spots so here is another list of my favorite spots with the best bites I’ve ordered for take out! Get out there and support local Austin if you can. Our restaurants in Austin sure could use the support!

Remember that pictures and videos are in the Vessel Map rather than down below. If you click on a particular location, you’ll have the option to go to their website, check out a menu and see my pics and/or videos per location.


It took me entirely too long to check out Vamonos but once I did, I’ve probably grabbed take out from them at least 6 times since October!

I love the Pablitos Platos with a beef enchilada and chicken fajita taco. ALWAYS ORDER THE FROZEN PRICKLY PEAR MARGARITA. Trust me…it’s something you’ll crave again and again. Their ranch tacos are delish too. So are their puffy tacos on Tuesdays although I bet they’d be crispier if you ate them there.

Anyway, if you want a solid Tex Mex meal, Vamonos should be next on your list!


I must have Middle Eastern in my blood because any Middle Eastern cuisine – Israeli, Iranian, Persian – are totally my jam and go-to. So when I found out I could have TLV’s Israeli street food at home via take out, I jumped on the idea!

Their hummus is probably some of the best I’ve had and I’d keep containers of it on-hand if I could. The Kofta Pita Sandwich is out of this world! Like, hop on their website and order it for dinner tonight stat! They have quite a few vegetarian options too so veggie lovers and vegetarians can and should rejoice!

Here is the last roundup from October for your tummy’s enjoyment purposes 🙂 – Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin 10/16/2020

Island Thyme Grill

The first time I had Jerk Chicken was when I was wayyyy young at my Aunt’s house in Detroit. My Uncle is an amazing Chef (not his day job but he thoroughly enjoys cookie) and he whipped up some Jerk Chicken and rice one day and I’ve been sold ever since!

Island Thyme Grill opened on the Drag near the UT campus and if you get a chance to pick up your food, be sure to go inside and sneak some pictures because the vibes are super Island-y and very Instaworthy!

I had the Jerk Chicken Wrap and my husband had the Jerk Chicken Bowl. Both forms of the Jerk Chicken were super flavorful and satisfying! Oh, if you love plantains, then definitely order their plantains! I’ll definitely order again and try their Mojo Pork and Jerk Steak (gimme all the jerk everythang)!

I hope you enjoy these spots this week! Feel free to check out all the previous roundups I’ve put together with recommendations for take out. I’ve been writing these since last July so you’ve got tons of restaurants to check out!

Bon Appetite,


February, 2021

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