Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin (10/2/2020)

October 2, 2020

October eeekkk! So excited about the cool weather, all things fall, and pumpkins!! For all of you that are itching to enjoy sometime outside, do it with some take out and a picnic!

I’m nearly 3 months in to putting these weekly roundups together. Hope you’re enjoying referencing them and have tried some new-to-you local spots!

I’ve made it my mission to support as many local Austin restaurants as I can through take out. I know many of you are wanting to try new-to-you spots so here is another list of my favorite spots with the best bites I’ve ordered for take out! Get out there and support local Austin if you can. Our restaurants in Austin sure could use the support!

Remember that pictures and videos are in the Vessel Map rather than down below. If you click on a particular location, you’ll have the option to go to their website, check out a menu and see my pics and/or videos per location.


I often forget about Fresa’s but when I do remember, I am always pleasantly surprised with their food! Recently, I ordered the Kale Caesar with agave lime chicken and LOVED every bite. Seriously, if there is a kale caesar on the menu, it’s 99% guaranteed I’ll order it. And their salad did not disappoint. Hubs really enjoyed his tacos and I think their power bol is flippin amazing. Regardless of what you order, you’re gonna feel the feels!

Missed last week’s roundup? Don’t worry, I’ve linked it for you here! – Where to Take Out the Best Bites in Austin 9/25/2020


Did you know you can enjoy one of the best dining experiences at home via take out? Parkside’s dinner at home was so incredible. I’ll admit, I was skeptical. But their plating was on point, and the food was tasty! We got the steak and frites, seared salmon and the chopped salad. Save room for dessert! So so impressed by our meal and would definitely recommend ordering to-go if you’re craving Parkside’s exceptional food.

Hold Out Brewing

Are you a fan of Better Half? Well, right next door is their brewery, Hold Out Brewing, and they’re serving one of my favorite burgers in town! They have quite a selection of burgers, wings, salads and CURLY FRIES, so order online, pull up to the back, order some beer to-go as well, and enjoy!

There you have it! 3 spots you need to try this week! Have a super meal and come back here next week for another roundup!

Bon Appetite,


October, 2020

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