Where to Devour the Best Burgers in Austin

August 29, 2019

Updated June, 2022

Who else gets an uncontrollable craving for a burger? I do, but probably once every few months…I don’t consume burgers often but when I know it’s time, everybody will know because I won’t rest till I get one in my hands!

I’ve put together a roundup of my favorite burgers in Austin right now…don’t judge me! I love a good classic burger without the frills!

40 North Pizza

Ok you’re not crazy…40 North Pizza makes a mean burger! They’ve also got a Fried Chicken Sandwich on the menu that you’ll need to try, but first get the burger!

It is a classic in my opinion but better…extremely satisfying…you don’t feel like you’re getting jipped with a small patty or a dinky bun. Their burger is at the top of my list!

Website: http://www.40northpizza.com/

Sour Duck

Until I had the burger at 40 North, Sour Duck’s was my fave. I mean, beer cheese…enough said!

Sometimes their burger is the happy hour special and only $6!

Either way, it’s perfect. Don’t share. You won’t want to!

Website: https://www.sourduckmarket.com/

Not a burger fan? Prefer sandwiches? I got you – Where to Grab the Best Sandwich in ATX is for you!

Carpenter’s Hall

Oh ya, another fantastic burger at the Carpenter Hotel’s restaurant, Carpenter’s Hall. Do you know that it used to be a Carpenter’s Union? They’ve retained most of the design and structure. I really love working from there, eating a burger which you can only get at brunch, lunch or on their late night menu! Don’t go in for dinner thinking you can get a burger y’all.

You can get a double patty if you want. The single was plenty for me and those fries were yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Website: http://www.carpenterhotel.com/

Hank’s Austin

Not all burgers have to be meat! I, historically, have not liked veggie burgers because they all tasted like bird seed. Enter Hank’s Veggie Burger that changed my tune so quick! It’s so so good…I rarely order anything else when I’m there. Packed with all the veggies, feta cheese and arugula on a gorgeous bun, if you haven’t given it a try yet, you’re missing out!

Oh, on Mondays, all burgers are 1/2 off!

Website: https://www.hanksaustin.com/

Delray Cafe

We’re longtime fans of Nickel City in the old Longbranch on E. 11th Street – they serve up some of the best cocktails at not God-awful prices and have an incredible food truck out back. Expect some of the most satisfying burgers (slider on steam buns), wings, chili cheese dogs and fries, cheese curds, that you’ll get in Texas! They’ve got a mean slider – with caramelized onions and pickles – add cheese if you want – also, get a double patty if you’re wanting something more filling! Either way, you can’t go wrong – check out my pic in the map!

And Thursdays are burger nights and you can get a slider for $1.01! Yup, you’re not seeing things…

Website: https://www.nickelcitybar.com/


Jacoby’s has been high on my list of best burgers and now they’ve got a separate to-go burger spot open Tuesday-Friday from 11-2PM for all your lunch cravings! You can call ahead and place that order if it’s easier and your burger craving starts before your lunch break. Either way, get on over there for a satisfying burger, cheeseburger, chili-queso burger stat!

Website: https://www.jacobybrosburgers.com/

Don’t worry, this list will grow! But for now, these are at the top of my burger list in Austin. Stay tuned right here for new ones that make the cut.

Bon Appetite,


August, 2019

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