Houston Dining Guide

Updated May, 2019

I’ve been working from Houston almost weekly since last summer and I’ve had the chance to explore a ton of restaurants near Downtown that I would never have ventured out to when I lived in Sugar Land back in grad school. I’ve just scratched the surface and will be adding to this list as I continue on my foodie adventures, but in the meantime, here is a Vessel interactive map with pins and then all the deets on the hot spots that made the cut down below!


My coworkers are absolute gems and so fun to be around – we’re friends in #IRL – and the first place they took me when I started my stint in Houston was Coltivare Pizza & Garden. We got there relatively early (around 5:30) and got three seats at the counter. If you don’t want to wait a while, I’d suggest getting there early as well!

The Burrata was a standout dish!

Never leave without a pizza! Ever!


Another absolute must-dine Italian spot that everyone in town knows about is Paulie’s. I’ve been at least 5 times in the last 6 months because it’s just THAT GOOD! If you’re a fan of pasta, this spot is for you. Like for real, amazing pasta.

This mushroom lover absolutely loves and dreams about the Canestri alla Funghi

The Skirt Steak should also be on your list! You can switch out the veggies that come with it but always get the pesto gnocchi! Their pesto is WOW


A great spot with super chill and fancy vibes at the same time is Riel. Near Paulie’s, I passed by this spot and was intrigued. Made a reservation since there were 10 of us going and at 6PM they weren’t super packed (yet).

We ordered a ton of food but a couple of standouts are below:

The fried rice is a shareable small plate and we ended up ordering a few b/c it was a group favorite. Shrimp, Chinese Sausage, Egg Yolk and Ginger make this dish super unique

If Steak Tar Tar is your jam, then Riel’s is for you. And it was a work of art!

Rise N2

I don’t know where or how I discovered Rise (most likely Instagram), but when I walked in their location, I fell in love with everything. The ambiance is whimsical, the staff are helpful and so kind, and the food is divine! I long for the day they open one in Austin, but until then, I’ll just have to continue to dine at the Houston location over and over again. I’ve taken several different groups and I’ve been 4 times already. Don’t worry, if you don’t like souffles or think they’re too heavy for normal consumption, their Rise Salad with Tuna is my go-to and it’s gorgeous!

I love Rise so much, it has it’s own blog post here so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, do so now here.

I highly recommend the Marshmallow Soup – a carrot and tomato bisque with goat cheese marshmallows – so creative right?

Always ask for the Cheese Carriage to come by and try all the cheeses before getting your own custom selection of fromage

They’ve got savory souffles like this Truffle one

And dessert souffles like this chocolate one with raspberry and chocolate sauce on top

Pass & Provisions

We went to the Provisions portion of this joint restaurant. Pass is more of a tasting menu (Chef’s Table concept) and Provisions is a neighborhood, casual setup. The building was constructed back in the 50’s and was home to an Italian import warehouse.

The menu changes regularly but stand out dishes were definitely the Oysters, Squid Ink Cavatappi and the Okonomiyaki. We tried several more dishes and enjoyed each one. Will definitely be back!

Savory pancake topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese

These oysters were delish! Love the table setting (you can see in the background).

Moku Bar

You’ll find the original Moku in the Conservatory (Downtown Houston’s food hall with a few restaurants, a brewpub and a wine bar). I say original because Moku is about to open a brick-and-mortar in the Heights very soon.

I was working in Houston in the summer when all I wanted was pokĂ© every evening after working out. Enter, Moku! They were available on UberEats too so I’d just order in and devour a bowl after working out. Always get the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on top, k?

They fly in fresh fish daily. My go-to is usually the ahi tuna with all the veggies and I get greens instead of rice (sorry, not sorry), and always sprinkled with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Les Noodle

When the weather outside is frightful (seems to be a frequent thing in HTown), Les Noodles is my go-to spot for Pho. Mostly because they have Zoodles and I like to have more broth than noodles but with zoodles, I’ll eat it all 🙂

For all those of you who like beef options for your Pho Bo, they’ve got tendon, shank, filet, meatball and brisket!

Pho with regular noodles and zoodles

Look at that noodle pull


Pondicheri has a special place in my heart. They serve these delish (super nostalgic for me) Bournvita Ice Cream Sandwiches (Parle-G cookies with Bournvita chocolate ice cream in between). Their food overall is a fusion of traditional Indian dishes with a modern twist. Check out their bake shop upstairs too – it’s a must!

From their Chit Chaat Menu (everyday from 5-7P) -Mushroom Dosa Pizza and Butter Chicken Parotta

Bournvita Ice Cream Sandwiches – my dreams come true everytime I bite into one


Ritual was on my radar for quite some time so when a group of coworkers of mine working in Houston at different client sites wanted to go here, I was all for it! On Wednesdays, if you sit at the bar for a drink, they give you a free appetizer (whatever they are cooking up that day)! Incredible deal!

This Southern gal saw gumbo on the menu so you bet I ordered it! And boy was it delish! And their charcuterie board is the largest I’ve ever seen. Two of us shared it and we had so much leftover!

The prettiest and most delish cup of gumbo!

This charcuterie board was GIANT!


Probably my favorite patio spot in Houston where you can sip on a glass of whatever and have an incredible view of Downtown Houston is Poitin. And their patio is HUGE. So is the inside of the restaurant – which looked like a great spot to host some large gatherings!

They’ve got an incredible happy hour selection and if you’re like me and my happy hour gals, we get there early to enjoy happy hour bites and finish dinner early 🙂

This fish board had quite the selection and that bread was perfection

Crispy calamari – just like I like it!


Ever heard of Dilly bread? Well, I hadn’t either until dining at Nobie’s and you betcha we ordered it! It’s pull-apart milk bread with garlic and everything butter — that butter though…

It’s super cute inside. They don’t take reservations so if you wanna dine there, go early because the space isn’t large. They have a really nice patio space that I need to check out when the weather is better.

The Dilly Bread – you better order it.

The Awe Shucks – au natural and je ne sais quoi style – ridiculously delish!

Helen in the Heights

Y’all, you might not find this funny but I sure as heck do. I went to Helen in the Heights with my friend Helen WHO LIVES IN THE HEIGHTS! Bahahahahahaha! Ok enough laughs!

Anyway, if you love Greek food in a nice dining setting, Helen in the Heights needs to be on your list.

Again, went during happy hour (which they’ve got a killer one) and had a glass of Greek wine – which was really good!

They’ve got GREEK POUTINE, y’all. Imagine fries with gyro meat on top and cheese and all the flavors! Loved their trio of dips too. And their meatballs!

We also checked out the original Helen Greek Food and Wine in Rice Village. Cute spot, smaller, make a reservation! Equally yummy food!

Trio of dips – 2 kinds of hummus and an eggplant dip. Their pita bread is addictive.

Greek Poutine – gonna just leave this right here for you to drool.

BCK Kitchen & Cocktails

If you’ve read this far, you’ve noticed we’re slowly making our way all over downtown and surrounding Houston. The Heights is close to downtown and has quite the food scene. It reminds me a lot of East Austin (for those of you who live in Austin, you know what I mean).

BCK Kitchen didn’t disappoint. A unique experience serving up “food for the soul, inspired by family memories and travel adventures”, we definitely tried those dishes which were nostalgic for us.

From the Snacks on Snacks section, we had the Street Corn (so good and cheesy), Peking Duck Tacos, and Buffalo Cauliflower.

From the It’s What’s For Dinner section, we shared the Lemon Butter Chicken – the chicken was stuffed with spinach and it was super tender and juicy!

I was most excited to try the Mac n Cheez It because I ate a ton of cheezits growing up (who didn’t?!?!) and when I saw this was elbow mac n cheese with a cheezit crust, I was intrigued. It didn’t disappoint. Look further down for a pic of that cheese pull.

The Lemon Butter Chicken is served with asparagus and mashed potatoes

That cheese stretch tho!

Finn Hall

Last but not least, we practically eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at Finn Hall, the newly opened food hall that’s literally right behind the hotel where I stay every week. It’s a giant food hall, in a historic building, with so many well-known Houston restaurants that were trucks now brick-and-mortars. They’ve got 2 bars serving up beer, wine and cocktails. They’ve even got a few spaces available for large events! I’m so excited to share why I love this place with you!


While they’ve got a food truck, Craftburger is also located in Finn Hall and I couldn’t be happier for some gourmet burgers AND FRIES! They’ve got truffle fries, loaded fries, onion rings, LAMB POUTINE!

All American Burger – really loved it and that bun is exceptional!

Dish Society

I’ve dined at Dish Society in Katy and by The Galleria many times so needless to say, when I heard they were opening up at Finn Hall, I was ecstatic. Hello brussel sprout salad and Brisket Stuffed Sweet Potato!

My go-to at lunch is their Brussel Sprout Super Salad with a scoop of chicken salad. It’s an expensive lunch but extremely fresh and delish so I don’t mind.

Brussel Sprout Super Salad with a scoop of chicken salad – my favorite and no-brainer when I’m hungry and want something healthy

Oddball Eats

Once located at the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market but now serving up the fan favorite, falafels, 7 days a week at Finn Hall, Oddball Eats has quickly become my go-to spot for falafels and shawarmas!

You can watch them prep the freshest ingredients all day and you’ll never have to worry about eating “old” food. Everything is made-to-order. I’m a huge shawarma fan and had their Chicken “Shawarma” Sandwich that comes with a side of sumac pita chips. It’s by far my favorite shawarma ever eaten. And I’ve eaten my fair share all across the U.S. The sumac pita chips are insanely good too. Take them to-go if you’re full. They aren’t meant to be wasted.

Seasonal Salad with Falafels – holy wow…there are pom seeds in there too.

Chicken “Shawarma” Sandwich – literally the very best I’ve ever eaten.


From banh mi, to pho, to potstickers and VIETNAMESE TOTS, SitLo is becoming a regular spot for those moments I want a hearty sandwich aka BANH MI.

I have to go back and try the tots, potstickers and their shaking beef, but I’m not worried, there is plenty of opportunities for me to do so.

Stand-out right now is the grilled chicken banh mi. It’s really good. And that french baguette is woah!

Grilled Chicken Banh Mi

There are several other restaurants at Finn Hall which I have yet to visit…will keep you posted here as I do!

La Lucha

A visit to this neighborhood dinette is a must! La Lucha is a homage to Ford Fry’s childhood visits to the San Jacinto Inn, famous for their fried chicken and Gulf seafood! Of course, this Southern gal had OYSTERS, DEVILED EGGS WITH FRIED SHRIMP and FRIED CHICKEN AND A BISCUIT!

These Murder Point oysters were perfection! Go for happy hour and take advantage of the discount!

I absolutely love Deviled Eggs and the when I saw they have fried shrimp, this was a no-brainer choice

If ever there was a perfectly cooked piece of FRIED CHICKEN, La Lucha has it! And enjoy a biscuit or two. And get all the sauces!

Nancy’s Hustle

As my time is winding down in Houston (almost a year), I’m trying to make my way down my must-dine at spots in Houston and Nancy’s Hustle has been at the top of my list!

If you haven’t been there yet, you’ve gotta bring it to the top of your list and go asap! It was truly exceptional. Probably one of the most amazing meals I’ve had in Houston so far.

The environment is warm, open, bright, earthy and laid back. The food is impeccably presented and each dish is exceptionally curated to hit the high note of every ingredient for the perfect balance of flavors and textures.

If you make it in before 6PM, enjoy happy hour pricing on select cocktails and 20% off wine bottles.

We ordered the brussel sprouts, sourdough tagliatelle, grilled snapper, and the burger. EVERY ONE OF THESE DISHES was perfectly executed and had us wanting to finish each morsel. Nothing was left…sorry leftovers…none here.

They make the sourdough tagliatelle and the brioche english muffin for the burger in house and wow, can we talk about how much I want someone to make those for me everyday?! I wish they sold the brioche english muffin because I’d buy that and make every dang sandwich on it from now until eternity.

Ok, so are you convinced that you’ve gotta eat there STAT?! Head on in peeps!

Gah, this sourdough tagliatelle was everything!

Hello, burger on a Brioche English Muffin!


As my time in Houston for work has come to an end, I had to make sure my last meal was at a spot that I’d been dying to visit and just needed an excuse!

Enter Eunice! Such a dreamy spot. It’s absolutely stunning! Imagine bright, well-lit, open, impeccable interior design.

Four of us went to dine there and we took advantage of the larger group and ordered TONS! If you can get in there while it’s still happy hour – it’s an incredible deal – with 1/2 off cocktails, beer and wine!

We ordered alot like I mentioned, and everything hit the mark! I can’t believe Chef has a menu that is solid regardless of what you order.

Some highlights but truly, everything was outstanding: “Dan Dan” Shrimp, Cajun Duck Poppers, Hand Pulled Burrata, Chicken & Sausage Gumbo, Crawfish Etouffe, Bread Pudding.

Make a reservation asap and dine there! You won’t be sorry!

Chicken Liver Mousse, Cornmeal Crusted Oysters, “Dan Dan” Shrimp – gahhhhh, so good!

Hello Sidecar – isn’t this beautiful?

Crawfish Hand Pies, Cajun Duck Poppers, Hand Pulled Burrata and Biscuits. Every bite was amazing!

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo – I grew up in Southern Louisiana and this was just like the ones I’d eat growing up!

Well, that’s it for my roundup of Houston eats but I promise to add to it as I explore more of the noteworthy restaurants in Houston when I go back to visit. My time in Houston is done for now but it’s not a long drive there and I’ll gladly go back for more!

Bon Appetite,


January, 2019

Mexico City Dining Guide

As promised after my epic trip to CDMX, here are some of the spots we visited! We loved CDMX so much and will be back very soon! As usual, you’ll first see my map of the spots we visited here. Interact with it – I’ve added some pretty cool vertical videos for your viewing pleasure!


Ojo de Agua was absolutely dreamy and so much so that we visited twice! Quite possibly the cutest spot with the tastiest food…from fresh agua frescas, to smoothies, to acai bowls, to chilaquiles and even sandwiches, you’re gonna want to go there everyday! You can grab the cutest little jars of spices, chocolate-covered coffee beans, etc. while you’re at it.

Look at this napkin holder setup!

Now this is an acai bowl! Fresh scoops of frozen dragon fruit and fresh fruit all over.

The prettiest chilaquiles right? They even give you a couple sides of habanero salsa if you so dare!

This is a cheese crepe stuffed with eggs and veggies and absolutely divine!

Fonda Margarita came highly recommended! They’re featured by Anthony Bourdain and also listed in Eater, Lonely Planet, etc. so definitely give them a try! Surprisingly, it was so close to our hotel! Think we got there earlier than most since it was empty and there were only 4 employees there. But, when we left, there were tons more people and alot more staff. CASH ONLY!

I’m not typically a macchiato or cortadito person, but they know how to make them in CDMX!

Huevos Rancheros – there was ham in here…never have had ham in rancheros.

Chilaquiles verdes – not as pretty as Ojo de Agua’s but tasty

Lunch or Dinner

When in Mexico City, one must eat ALOT of tacos. Specifically, al pastor tacos! And we had our share! If you’re a pork eater, load up on al pastor and cochinita pibil (which I love so much).

The Al Pastor tacos from La Flamita (which we happened to just come across on our walk around town) were delish!

Everywhere you go, you’ll see al pastor tacos and you can’t pass them up!

Everyone kept saying we should definitely hit up El Huequito for the best al pastor tacos so we went. There are tons of locations all over the city! They’re great for late night too! I’ll forever be dreaming of our meal there.

Bistec taco up top, pecha de pollo to the right, and the most amazing cochinita pibil tacos down below. Oh and you’ll get a tray of every salsa imagineable when you sit down!

While we were walking to a super cool jazz spot, Zinco, the hubs was hungry, and we spotted Taqueria Tlaquepaque that was popping inside with locals. You can order to-go right at the Al Pastor area, so he did. We loved watching the guy shave off the pineapple and meat and drop it into a tortilla (check out the map above for a video of this)! They even packed him up some salsas and lime!

Al Pastor tacos are everywhere and you can get them super late too!

Our first night, we had an early dinner (by Mexico City standards) because we were starving, and thankfully, Amaya was a 5-minute walk from our hotel. We were told that the owner of Amaya was also part owner of Bichi Wines, and this wine-lover had to go in to experience the food and wine of course! Staff were so attentive and sweet and the space is gorgeous!

Since Bichi Wines make small batches, this glass of Listan probably won’t be around when you go, but it was delish! Try any of them, they’d love to serve you!

I could have eaten 10 of the Ceviche and Fried fish Tostada

Freakin dreamy gnocchi with kale!

Grilled sea bass – to die for!

Um profiteroles with hazelnut ice cream – O M G

A well-known chef in Austin suggested we dine at Huset, so we made a reservation real quick, and boy am I glad we did! It’s a stunner of a space. They’ve made a magical garden out of what I think is an old warehouse sandwiched between two residential buildings. Be prepared to be WOW’d.

Huset is the most magical place.

This sea bass sashimi and gnocchi were both beautifully presented and absurdly delish!

Chicken and rice – everything cozy!

If you love seafood as much as I do, then Contramar has to be on your dining agenda for your next visit! The scene – quite busy and organized chaos – the staff are so efficient (we spent many a minutes watching them flip tables in 30 seconds or less). Loved the vibes though and well-worth the noise. Make sure to make a reservation!

Mahi Mahi Tiradito – such bright flavors!

Scallop Aguachile – omg that sauce!

Tuna Tostadas – by far the best I’ve had.

Sopes – with tuna! Love me some sopes!

So we originally had reservations elsewhere, but we kept seeing so many sushi restaurants all over town and decided we needed to see why. Enter Rokai and wow, what a great choice! They’re part of a large group of restaurants and each one is so unique. They’ll even walk you to your next destination if within the group – i.e. take me to Tokyo Music Bar or Le Tachinomi Desu for a drink please. We didn’t do the Omakase but they do have 2 options for it.

Kampachi sashimi – oh my word…we almost got another order

Salmon and avocado maki – nom nom

Spicy tuna and avocado maki – that tuna tho!

And all the nigiri!

Coffee and Cocktails

Leave it to me to find all the cute coffee shops! And of course, we stopped in for some epic cocktails too! First up, Cortaditto Cafe. We were walking through the Sunken Gardens aka Parque Hundido, and wanted a place to chill and sip on some coffee. Cortaditto Cafe did not disappoint. Super cute (check out my video in the map), and delish drinks.

We got the cubanitto (up top) and cortaditto (down below) – both perfecto!

Again, after visiting Frida Kahlo’s Museum, we walked through the neighborhood and bumped into a super adorbs spot called Hermann Thomas. I’m obsessed (check out the video in the map).

This space was so modern and beautifully lit. And they’ve got a cute living room too

The cutest macchiato and espresso – all while sitting in a presh living room

Ever had pox (pronounced posh)? We went to a poxeria called La Poxeria because they were playing some bumpin’ music and not crowded like a lot of the spots in Roma.

I got the Moxito – a mojito made with Pox – way better and less sweet than rum!

After our meal at Rokai, they took us across the road to a new spot just added to their group called Tokyo Music Bar. They had a DJ spinning records, and we really liked the scene there. Not crowded, epic cocktails, great convos with the bartenders. If you can’t get into Le Tachinomi Desu (standing room only bar), then hit up Tokyo Music Bar instead.

The pink and white – light and refreshing!

All in all, we had the most amazing trip and seriously are planning our next visit. From history, to culture, to art and to a world-renown food scene, Mexico City has it all! Let me know if you need more recommendations and happy traveling!

January, 2019

ATX vs. HOU BBQ Throwdown 2018 Recap

To state that I’m excited about attending the annual HOU vs ATX Throwdown next year is an understatement. I’m really not big into BBQ – well, I can’t eat as much as a true fan does – but I do love meeting the pitmasters, oogling over the meat and dining with friends and fellow fans!

This year, the throwdown was in Austin at Friends & Allies Brewing back parking lot. If you’ve ever been to a BBQ Festival, you know the lines can get long and the crowd can get wild, but the setup of this one was perfect. The lines were manageable, you could mingle and observe what was cooking at each spot, and the weather for the event was absolutely perfect. Pair it with a delicious brew from Friends & Allies, and you have a Sunday made in heaven!

Here are some photos from the unique BBQ bites we had at the event:

Smoked Brisket Tamale from El Burro and the Bull
Holiday Stuffed Brisket Tamale from Brett’s BBQ
Mexican Street Corn Dog by Bodacious BBQ – the winner!
This Brisket Burnt End Boudin from Stiles Switch was one of my favorites!
Smoked Lengua from LeRoy & Lewis – wowzas!
Smoked Beef Rib Quesadilla from Beavers was my absolute favorite and it won the People’s Choice!
Brett’s brought this nice sweet treat to wash down all the bbq – a strawberry rhubarb cobbler – divine!

If you can’t wait till the next throwdown between ATX and HOU around this time next year, then get your tickets for the HOU BBQ Festival on April 14th now! 

Hope to see you soon!

Bon Appetite,


December, 2018

Artista Rosso Now Open for Brunch!

I was invited in by Artista Rosso for a blogger’s brunch preview before the official launch of Brunch service on 12/1. I’m going to be a frequent brunch-er there because HELLO NUTELLA BAR!

If you’ve been to the space at Lamar Union, previously Delicious, the newly renovated spot features a market for the neighboring residents, a coffee bar, an extensive wine selection, a full draught beer selection and tons of grab-and-go items. They’ve also obviously got a kitchen and are whipping out amazing Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour and Brunch!

As you can tell from the pictures below, we had a feast! I’ll definitely be visiting again very soon because they’ve got crepes (made to order with lots of nutella!), cannolis (fill them with goodness), and all kinds of other super addictive delicious items that I’m a fan of.

Egg Benedict – look at all that shaved ham!
Coffee Bar view
All the goodness – Breakfast casserole, eggs benedict, garden hash, fruit, toast, mimosas!

Next time you’re looking for a brunch spot, head on over to Lamar Union and dine at Artista Rosso. Treat yo self! 

Bon Appetite,


December, 2018

Do You Even Soufflé?

It’s Restaurant Week in Houston the whole month of August and since I travel there for work quite a bit, we decided to try out a spot included on the lineup that we wouldn’t typically go to.

Enter Rise n2, the most beautiful restaurant I’ve been in to date. Located off of Post Oak and San Felipe, this gorgeous French restaurant had me swooning not only for the soufflĂ©s but the decor and the kitchen accessories all available for purchase!

Our table setting – love the napkins and the menu that’s a map!

I started off with the French White Wine Flight because French wines are up there on my list of faves. They also brought out some bread which we had a guillotine looking bread cutter to slice the bread – “off with her bread” hehe.

You MUST order some fromage (cheese) from the Cheese Carriage – it’s such a fun experience to watch them make your cheeses of choice into beautiful flowers and see your cheese plate come to life. We tried so many cheeses that we wouldn’t have tried before.

The Cheese cart!

Our pretty plate of cheese!

Our 1st courses on the Restaurant Week menu were the Rise Salad and the Marshmallow Soup. The Rise Salad was so simple and flavorful – really really good!

Rise Salad

The Marshmallow Soup was a carrot and tomato bisque with a goat cheese marshmallow – amazing creation!

Marshmallow Soup

Next up, our soufflés! I ordered the Truffle Infused Mushroom and my friend ordered the Jambon & Gruyere. Both were decadent, rich and absolutely divine!

So beautifully plated and perfectly airy!

Bananas Foster Soufflé

And lastly, our dessert soufflĂ©s – Grand Marnier and Bananas Foster – wowzas! We finished these – too good to waste.

I can’t wait to go back and take all of my friends. It’s seriously the most magical place and the food, decor, staff and ambiance were outstanding!

Maybe we’ll meet there soon?

Bon Appetite,


August, 2018

Cava is finally in the ATX!

Mediterranean food is by far my favorite cuisine and while some of my favorite spots to indulge in all things Shwarma, Kubideh, Tabouleh and Hummus are in Houston, when I heard fast-casual Cava was headed to Austin from the DC area, I stalked their page everyday for the news!

Enter the healthiest, most welcoming, beautiful Greek & Mediterranean casual modern restaurant!

Their location off Guadalupe aka The Drag has a beautiful patio with Will Bryantz artwork all over the walls making for tons of InstaWorthy shots!

Customized a Grains and Greens bowl with falafel and grilled meatballs

The entire spread with their housemade watermelon mint juice and strawberry citrus

A Grains and Greens bowl with falafel and chicken and a raspberry lime Spindrift

Pita with spicy lamb meatballs!

They have quite the selection of juices and teas – I really enjoyed the Watermelon Mint!

They’re now open in Westlake and coming soon to downtown #ATX off of 6th and Congress very soon!

Try everything, feel good about what you eat, and enjoy the vibes!

Bon Appetite!


July 2018

Best 5 East ATX Happy Hours

Boy do I love me a great happy hour! Especially when food + drinks are involved!

The hubs and I are always on the hunt for a great happy hour during the week because why would you want to spend double to eat just a few minutes later?

Below is a new feature you’ll start to see in some of my posts. You can interact with the map (if you’re a visual person like me wanting to see how close a particular venue is to your home, then you’re going to love this addition)!

Enter my favorite 5 East ATX Happy Hours right now:

Revelry Kitchen + Bar

I’ve been a big time fan of Revelry Kitchen + Bar since they opened! The environment is nice, bright and open, and the staff are super sweet and have been there from the beginning! I’m the Duchess of RKB on Yelp and when that actually happened, the bar manager, Kyle, ordered a crown for me through Favor!

They have Happy Hour all night on Mondays and Tues-Fri 4:00-7:00PM! Select glasses of wine are $2 off, $2 off House Cocktails, $1 off draft and $4 Wells, $3 Texas Cans, and $5 selected appetizers.

Their Chicken Lollipops are a must when you go for happy hour – they have some of the most creative flavors and right now, their Asian Garlic flavor is my go-to!

Address: 1410 E. 6th Street

Website: http://revelryatx.com/

Happy Hour: All night on Monday and Tuesday-Friday 4:00-7:00PM

They’ve got frosĂ© all day!
And dang good Rosé!
Fish tacos and the AKA (avocado, kale, artichoke) dip!
Asian Garlic Chicken Lollipops are my absolute fave!

Unit D Pizzeria

Unit D Pizzeria has been my comfort, sweet spot for almost 2 years. Stop on in and you’ll see why. It’s approachable, aesthetically beautiful, the staff have been there from the beginning and will remember your name, the Neapolitan pizzas are truly a delight, the meat and cheese board is one of the best I’ve had, and they have quite the selection of beer and wine!

Really, you don’t have any excuse not to go. Beware though, it’ll become your favorite, most frequented spot pretty quickly 🙂

Happy Hour deals are clutch here – $5 for their happy hour bites! Try them all. They’re meant to share or enjoy them all on your own and make it a meal!

Address: 2406 Manor Rd. Unit D

Website: http://www.unitdpizzeria.com/

Happy Hour: Monday, Wednesday-Friday 5:00-7:00PM

Please have the Chaat Chicken!
They’ve got a wonderful rosĂ© on happy hour!

Also: See Best of East Austin Restaurants


I’ve celebrated many occasions at Grizzelda’s (bachelorette, birthday, anniversary, gal’s night) and they always tempt me into coming back for more. Perhaps it’s all the pretty fuscia colored everything, the wonderful service, or the super big hearts the owners have for the community, but I’m a loyal fan.

Have you had their Ceviche Mixto?! OMG, it’s craveable and a must if you go there (during or after happy hour)!  Their Tostaditas picadillo beef from Jacoby’s Ranch are also one of my faves! Get yourself a FroMo for $6 — be careful because it’s so good and strong and you may want a second one but you’ll definitely feel it the next day 🙂 Wines are $2 off per glass as well – they always have the most amazing selection and Vinho Verde rosĂ©s!

Grizzelda’s happy hour runs Tues-Fri 5:00-7:00PM so definitely take advantage!

Address: 105 Tillery St.

Website: https://grizzeldas.com/

Happy Hour: Tuesday-Friday 5:00-7:00PM

Ceviche Mixto, you have my heart!
Tostaditas with Jacoby Ranch Beef!
FroMo – yasss!
Grizzelda’s prettiest drink!

Blue Dahlia Bistro

Blue Dahlia has a fantastic happy hour including many of our favorites at a heavy discount! Their happy hour runs M-F 3:00-6:30PM and Sundays 6:00-9:00PM and includes this gorgeous meat and cheese board for $10! It comes with a selection of their fresh baked breads! My glass of wine was $5 and they have quite a few options (along with some draft beer).

They have a few of my favorite tartines (open-faced sandwiches) on happy hour as well. I typically order the Egg Salad tartine (because it has capers)!

Honestly, anything and everything I’ve eaten there always blows me away. If you want a place guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds, Blue Dahlia is all yours.

Address: 1115 E. 11th St.

Website: http://bluedahliabistro.com/

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 3:00-6:30PM

Meat and cheese board – only $10 during happy hour


Hank’s is the perfect addition to the Windsor Park neighborhood and might I mention that it is HUGE! I can’t wait until it cools off a bit so I can really enjoy the super long front patio that extends the length of the restaurant. They have shades all over now though so it at least keeps the sun from beating down your back in the late afternoon hours.

Their happy hour is epic – $3 off appetizers, $5 frozen (FrosĂ© and Palomas) and tap cocktails, $5 tap wine and $1 off beer! They’ve got a large appetizer menu and you can easily make a combo of those your dinner!

Address: 5811 Berkman Dr.

Website: www.hanksaustin.com

Happy Hour: Everyday 3:00-6:30PM

The most delish Baked Ricotta
FrosĂ© – the best in town – only $5 during happy hour!
All the happy hour noms!
Frozen Paloma – yassss!

I’ll be sure to update this as my list changes so stay tuned! Comment below if you have other epic happy hour recommendations for me.



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Updated March, 2019

Celebrated My Birthday with Kodiak Cakes!

TFW you receive an invite to an event at Lenoir hosted by Kodiak Cakes on your birthday, you shift around brunch plans and gooooooooooooooo!

We started off the brunch out in the wine garden on a beautiful Saturday morning and nibbled on some Kodiak Donut Holes with Calamondin Marmalade, Smoked Fish Salad, and a Lenoir Pullman while sipping on some coffee!

They’re laughing with me not at me 🙂 Rachel, Monique and Kelsey – aren’t they adorbs?

Donut Holes

Smoked Fish Salad

We then moved on in to Lenoir’s main space – it’s by far one of my most favorite spots to dine. Super romantic, cute, French-vibes and just adorable!

That chandelier though!

Our table so cutely setup with fresh flowers!

We nommed on so many yummies made with Kodiak Cakes’ products:

Strawberry Pistachio Granola Parfait – I loved the yogurt – kinda like greek but not greek!

Next up, the roasted beet crepe – wowzas, I loved how savory and satisfying it was. And come on, I am a beet-lover!

I present to you the Kodiak Waffle and Smoked Fried Chicken – what an amazing pairing!

Last but not least, the Kodiak Brownie with whipped creme fraiche was delightful! I really enjoyed the brownie and the face that it wasn’t too sweet!

All in all, a wonderful experience with my fellow foodies! I can’t wait to try out more of Kodiak’s products at home as I test out some creations with their ingredients! Thanks to Lenoir for the gorgeous backdrop and Kodiak Cakes for ringing in another year of my life with me 🙂

Bon Appetite,


March 2018

TLC Austin – Everybody Needs Some #TLC

You know I was born and raised in wayyyyyyyyyy south Louisiana right? If you didn’t, now you do! I’m pretty sure I was the first of Indian descent kiddo born in lil ole Thibodaux, LA.

Growing up there, we had crawfish boils all the time. I mean, as soon as it was crawfish catching time, our neighbors would have us all over for the most epic boils. <drooling about those potatoes and corn in the boil right now>

A bunch of us food bloggers were treated to a new take on a traditional seafood boil as well as tons of other really yummy and approachable Texas Comfort Food at the newly opened TLC Austin at Lamar Union last weekend! #media

The space is family-friendly, large, full of TV’s, a gameroom, and a beer hall feel (they’ve got 30 beers on draught) and their cocktails are creative and spot on! Not to mention the food was ridiculously good and super fresh.

Need a place to watch the Super Bowl? TLC should be your spot!


We started with a tower of oysters and shrimp cocktail. Sorry y’all, I was unable to get a picture but these were SO GOOD and fresh! The shrimp cocktail was really really good and usually I steer clear of them and lean towards the fried stuff.

We were served tons of apps for the table:

Hushpuppies with crawfish etouffe dipping sauce!

Deviled Eggs with bbq yumminess on top!

Fried Okra – I liked them lengthwise!

Oysters Rockefeller – woah, I’d eat that spinach base ALL DAY!

Then the Main Courses started coming out and we got full real quick from all the absolutely delicious sandwiches and chicken fried steak!

They’re large and affordable (in my opinion):

The Enlightenment – all the veggies in this one and that bread is perfectly toasted!

Pork tasso with a pretty egg on top!

Fried Green Tomato BLT – SAY WHATTTTTTTT?!?!

DKR – roast beef sandwich – you must dip it into the tastiest au jus!

The hubs said this was his favorite Chicken Fried Steak ever! And those mashed potatoes and brussels were a really nice addition!

And last but not least, the boiled seafood with amazing cajun spices came out:

Snow Crab, King Crab, Shrimp and P.E.I. Mussels – and don’t forget about those potatoes, corn and BUTTER!

They have an entire portion of the menu dedicated to The Boil – pick your seafood, pick your spices and pick your sauce. I personally love Texas Heat and Cajun Spice and all the lemon garlic butter! But that’s just my cajun roots coming out 🙂

No meal is really complete (although you may not have room in your tummy for anything else), without some dessert. And in my world, CHOCOLATE!

Enter all the sweet treats:

Up top: Chocolate Brownie Middle: Fruit Cobbler Bottom: Texas Pecan Pie

Drooling yet?!

All in all, this is quite the hang out for watching a game or two, nomming on some really delicious food and drinking a bev! The kids will love it too as there are indoor and outdoor games for them to enjoy while you get in some adult time!

Would love to dine at TLC with all of you soon!

Bon Appetite,


February, 2018

Oui Oui Gimme Everything Le Politique!

I’ve dined at Le Politique twice in the last week – once for brunch and once for dinner with my coworkers. Both experiences were great with outstanding food and drank!

First off brunch:

The short rib hash – with an egg on top!

Quiche Lorraine!

Legation Burger and Pommes Frites – I’d eat this everyday!

Love their custom cheese boards!



Dinner time grub:

A custom cheese board and Escargot to start!

The Boudin Blanc – really really good!

I’d say go in for brunch or dinner soon so you can see what all the hype is about. Let me know your faves! Oh and please, eat a pain au chocolat and get a capuccino!

Bon Appetite!


December, 2017