Brunch and Sunday Funday at Gabriela’s

November 11, 2019

Do not snooze on brunch at Gabriela’s! It took me entirely too long (so embarrassed) to dine there and I don’t want you to make the same mistake!

Gabriela, herself, hosted us for this month’s Austin Food Blogger Alliance happy hour (turned out to be brunch instead) and I think it’s safe to say that each of us were blown away. From the pineapple mimosas (freshly squeezed pineapple juice y’all), to the two kinds of queso (flameado and choriqueso), to the most delicious french toast I’ve had in ages, we walked out of there stuffed and content.

Gabriela and her brother own and run the restaurant as well as are opening Taquero Mucho very soon. Both are/will be family-run businesses and you will feel so welcome when you visit. I think we live in one of the best cities where local restaurants (not chains) thrive and are creating amazingly fantastic (and most often, authentic) food! Gabriela’s Mom makes the horchata daily too!

Gabriela bringing us a tray of pineapple mimosas!

The carnitas were to die for – don’t pass up those potatoes in the little bowl – they were amazing! And the rice was so fluffy!

The Tipsy French Toast was devoured – not a single crumb left.

How gorgeous are all of these pictures too right? Gabriela’s decor is spot on and the whole restaurant (and patio) is so Instaworthy!

Have you checked out my roundup of the Best East Austin Restaurants? Gabriela’s is included and tons more —> “Best of East Austin Restaurants

Call your friends, make a reservation at Gabriela’s for dinner or brunch, and eat and drink your heart out at one of the prettiest, friendliest, and most delish restaurants in Austin!

Bon Appetite,


November, 2019

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