The Best Coffee Shops in Austin to Get Your Work On

February 22, 2018

This guide to the Best Coffee Shops to #WorkFromCoffeeShop in Austin is part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance’s 2024 City Guide. #atxbesteats

Updated March, 2024

The Guide:

I am getting out more in Austin and working from coffee shops as my schedule allows. I’m the biggest sucker for latte art and if any of you have ever grabbed a cup of coffee with me, you know that I beg (and bribe) Baristas to “make my drink look pretty please!” #sorrynotsorry

I’ve also been known to scout out coffee shops with WiFi since I work remotely on occasion.  I can appreciate a solid spot with an excellent choice of pastries, savories, lattes, adequate table space to spread out my laptop and other goodies, as well as feel like I’m somewhere vacation-y.

Thanks for stopping by to hear what I’ve got to say about my favorite caffeine-providing locations where you can also work and/or study around Austin!

First up, an East ATX gem, Sa-Ten Coffee & Eats. 

Discovering this beautiful Japanese coffee and eats “mecca” in The Canopy was life-changing for me. I live only a mile away and am happy to boast that I’m a frequent flyer 🙂 Perhaps, I’d like to call myself their “Ambassador of all things yummy.” Because there are quite a few small businesses and art studios in the area, you’ll see people hosting meetings and talking strategy (as well as conducting some business deals). Nevertheless, Sa-Ten makes for the perfect spot for you to have a productive day working, meeting up a friend for a lunch/dinner/coffee date, stay warm with a hot bev in hand (cool off with an iced coffee during most of the year in Austin), or nourishing yourself with their ever-so-tasty bites.

My fave: Almond Milk Latte with a splash of hazelnut. Try a peppermint mocha as well. Check out their monthly specials which are always perfection. Oh, and their Turkish Mint tea is great if you want an herbal tea.

WiFi: Yes, it works well and rarely kicks you out

Other Bevs: They’ve got beer, wine, and Juice Society!

Grub: Tons of options (toasts, curries, katsu, potato wedges) and they also have pastries from Quack’s and stroop waffles from Stroopclub

Bike Racks: Yep

Parking situation: Parking Lot for all of The Canopy



  • 916 Springdale Road, Building 3, Suite 101

Specialty Creation – they make their own syrups and come up with the best monthly specials. This was the nutella latte.

Walton’s Fancy and Staple – the cutest spot for sandwiches, salads, epic desserts and of course, COFFEE!

I can’t recall the first time I laid eyes on Walton’s, but I do remember it being love at first sight. If you like feeling like you’re in an earthy garden with succulents and floral arrangements surrounding you all while nibbling on a macaron and sipping on a Turkish mocha, then Walton’s Fancy and Staple is the place for you!

Located on West 6th street, in the heart of all the excitement Austin has to offer, this little haven will quickly become your go-to spot for an indulgent latte and a perfectly-crafted sweet treat. I’ve worked from there many times as they have a quiet area in the back as well as counter space in the main dining area. It might get noisy during the lunch rush, but you’ll figure out a way to stay here a while.

My fave: The Turkish Mocha was to die for – not sure if they make it anymore. They know what they’re doing, so you won’t go wrong with a latte and syrup of your choice.

WiFi: Yep!

Grub: I order the “Fancy Lunch” and generally have half of a Ham on Pretzel and a side caesar salad. Get a dessert, please – macaron, slice of cake, whatever…just get something!

Bike Racks: In the vicinity or you can do what I do, lock my bike to a street parking sign.

Parking situation: They have street parking all around that area but you’ll have to pay the meter.


Address: 609 W. 6th Street

Turkish Mocha!

The Baristas know what they’re doing at Fleet Coffee! 

Being an Eastsider, I passed the building where The Lost Well is located everyday and suddenly saw some activity going on at the far end of the place. After a lot of curiosity, patience and sleepless nights with anticipation, I came across an article in Eater Austin (I think), about Fleet Coffee. Reading that the owners are the best-of-the-best when it comes to Austin Baristas, I started stalking that location for an opening date. It opened in mid-2016, and I fell in love. What a place! It’s gorgeous, quaint, intimate and serves up the most unusual coffee “cocktails” you’ll ever get your hands on. Love their newly added patio with additional seating. Don’t let the tonic water in the E.T. scare you – that concoction is v good! They had a fruity pebble milk/treat at one point and they update their menu with new seasonal items regularly. If you want a good ‘ole dairy-free latte, they make their syrups in-house and they have a local almond milk (Dulcis), which is so good!

My fave: Cappuccino or a butterscotch almond milk latte

WiFi: Yep!

Grub: I think I’ve seen pastries. There is a taco truck in the parking lot and Gourmand’s is across the street.

Bike Racks: In the vicinity

Parking situation: They have street parking on Webberville


Address: 2427 Webberville Road and 2806 Manor Rd.

Cappucino – that blue with the art – wow!

Houndstooth – serving up your dose of caffeine now on the Eastside off of 183!

I’m not going to lie – when I heard a rumor that Houndstooth was planning a location on the Eastside, in the newly developed Laurel apartments, I screamed! This location is close to our new digs, I just wish the shortcut to get there from 969 was built! Y’all, Houndstooth baristas KNOW how to make you a coffee drink.

They have beer on tap, wine and other beverages too for all of you who aren’t coffee drinkers.

My fave: An almond milk decaf honey latte. Oh, and the one time I had the stunning Rhum Nut Cappuccino (pictured below).

WiFi: Yep!

Grub: They have pastries (cookies, scones), snacks

Bike Racks: In the vicinity

Parking situation: If you turn in to the Laurel, there is Houndstooth parking near the clubhouse.


Address: 2001 Ed Bluestein Blvd.

Mocha cookie and a decaf honey latte!

Out of this world Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden and Cosmic Saltillo

Even if you don’t live in South Austin, you should RUN, not walk, down to the new Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden off SoCo. It’s a magical place. There is no other way to describe all the feels I had while pulling in to the parking lot.

Their space is large, bright, and green with the coziest corners and lots of seating. They have a huge outdoor area with plenty of picnic tables, high tops, and fire pits. Stop by for food from some of my favorite food trucks in town, to a cocktail or beer flight, or all the caffeination options!

My fave: An almond milk latte with caramel, Irish Coffee, Cocktail Flights

WiFi: Yep! Perfect place to work as they’ve got power strips on the walls.

Grub: Pastries from Quack’s Bakery and several food trucks out front with plenty of seating all around. Be sure to get you some #newschoolBBQ from Leroy and Lewis or some tacos from an Austin staple, Pueblo Viejo.

Bike Racks: Nearby

Parking situation: A huge parking lot and street parking off Pickle


Address: 121 Pickle Rd. and 1300 E. 4th

Latte and if you want booze, then an Irish Coffee

Carpenter Hotel

Nestled in the Carpenter Hotel, this living room type of coffee shop has quickly become my go-to spot. It’s quiet, there are super comfy couches and a big table with chairs and instead of a jukebox, you can pick a record to play on the record player. All of the RETRO and VINTAGE vibes in this cutie.

My Fave: Golden Mylk – why? Because they use Curcuma’s Golden Paste and your nut milk of choice for golden perfection! It doesn’t have caffeine in it so if you need some fuel, don’t fret, they’ve got plenty to choose from.

WiFi: Yep! And they have ample power outlets nearby.

Grub: They’ve got tacos until they sell out and lots of pastries. I LOVED their chocolate chip sea salt cookie!

Bike Racks: Nearby

Parking situation: For customers, you can park in the garage or the lot by the actual hotel part of Carpenter’s Hotel.


Address: 400 Josephine Street

My jaw dropped when I walked in for the first time.
Choose your own vinyl!
My beverage of choice is their Golden Mylk – no caffeine in this one friends!

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

Tucked away in an East Austin neighborhood, Figure 8 is the perfect spot to get your work on or grab a cup of coffee. While we were there, I saw several people walking over from houses nearby. How cool right?

Anyway, I don’t stop by as often as I should considering it’s a 2-min drive from my house. Changing that pronto!

My Fave: Honestly, anything and everything is good here. I’ve noticed their drinks are creamier than elsewhere – definitely a good thing!

Wifi: They’ve got you connected!

Grub: Where my Taco Deli fans at? They’ve got tacos (while supplies last) and a few pastries.

Bike Racks: I didn’t look but I’m pretty certain they have a place for your bike.

Parking situation: Street parking


Address: 1111 Chicon and 4631 Airport Blvd.

Almond milk decaf cappuccino – so creamy!


Nestled at the back of the South Congress Hotel, Mañana is a magical space with everything you’d want for your coffee or espresso fix AND unique offerings such as paletas and ice cream!

Don’t leave without grabbing a giant macaron, cookie or doughnut either. They pair perfectly with your beverage of choice.

I really love the natural lighting in their space and the option to sit outside in the courtyard too!

My fave: Iced decaf almond milk latte with a splash of vanilla

Wifi: Yep!

Grub: They’ve got a fridge with grab-and-go items and pastries

Bike Racks: Nearby

Parking situation: The hotel has a garage and Mañana might validate. There is also street parking nearby.


Address: 1603 S. Congress Ave. and 111 Sandra Muraida Way

A Macaron and a Latte – what more could you want!

Flat Track Coffee

It took me forever to get to Flat Track, but I’m so glad I did because I’ve always loved their coffee beans and knew their shop was going to be a delight.

It lived up to the hype! I went with a friend of mine who loves coffee and has an Instagram dedicated to it and she is a frequent visitor and now I see why. The shop is huge – equally divided between a coffee shop with plenty of seating and a bicycle shop. They have two outdoor patios as well – gotta love the Eastside where space is plenty!

I’ll be back for sure and if you haven’t dropped by, please don’t take as long as I did!

My fave: Mexican Mocha

Wifi: Yes, they’ve got it!

Grub: They’ve got pastries, gluten free donuts and a large menu of breakfast tacos and other yummy things

Bike racks: Nearby

Parking situation: They have a few spots out front but just park on the street


Address: 1619 E. Cesar Chavez St.

A chocolate gluten free vegan donut pairs perfectly with a Mexican Mocha!

Medici Roasting

We finally have a Medici on the Eastside in Springdale General. It’s HUGE, naturally lit and earthy and one of the most perfect spots for a meeting, productive work from coffeeshop time, or a quick stop in!

I was swooning when I walked in! It’s in the same building as Uroko and The Front Page and you can grab your drink and sit out in the common area with a bite from the restaurants if you prefer.

Oh also, the perfect outdoor covered patio for you and your furry companion!

My fave: Iced Matcha or Decaf Latte with Almond Milk

Wifi: Yes, of course

Grub: They have gluten free donuts, Bougie’s Donuts, and a bunch of other sweet treats

Bike racks: Yep

Parking situation: There is tons of parking in Springdale General


Address: 1023 Springdale Rd., Bldg. 1

Here is a Bougie’s Donut & an Iced Matcha Freddo


The Cafe inside Hank’s is a great spot to work, caffeinate and grub! On a nice day, snag a seat on the covered deck. Don’t want to sit outside? There is plenty of space inside the cafe!

My fave: Mint cold brew with some oat milk

Wifi: Yes, indeed!

Grub: They’ve got an extensive menu of all the best Hank’s dishes, from salads to burgers to apps!

Bike racks: There are some nearby

Parking situation: Tons in the parking lot


Address: 5811 Berkman Dr.

There is fresh mint in this mint cold brew with oat milk!

Praxis Coffee East

This second location of Praxis Coffee in the old house, original Lustre Pearl East is stunning and large! Lots of cozy spots to work, chat, soak in some quality time.

My fave: honey lavender latte

Wi-Fi: yes!

Grub: pastries and food menu at Lustre Pearl East next door

Bike racks: nearby

Parking situation: street


Address: 114 Linden Street

There is no shortage of Coffee Shops in Austin these days. I remember when there weren’t so many at all. But with such a large percentage of the workforce having the ability to work remotely, more and more places where you can work and caffeinate have popped up.

Other Coffee Shops I’ve definitely been super productive from over the years, but I don’t have pictures to give you all the latte love are:

Revival Coffee – 1405 E. 7th St.

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew – 500 San Marcos St.

Kinda Tropical – 3501 E. 7th St.

Cenote – 1010 E. Cesar Chavez.

Stouthaus Coffee Pub – 4715 S. Lamar Blvd., #102

Merit Coffee – 222 West Ave., Ste. 120 & 1105 S. Lamar Blvd.

Nate’s Baked Goods and Coffee – 401 Orchard St., Suite B

Barrett’s Coffee – 713 W. St. John’s Ave.

Spokesman – 440 E. Saint Elmo Rd., A-2 & 6015 Dillard Circle Unit B

Cuvee – 2000 E. 6th Street

Palomino Coffee – 4136 E. 12th Street

Patika – 2159 S. Lamar Blvd

Civil Goat – 3423 Guadalupe St. and 2610 Manor Rd.

El Tigre – 1204 Salina St.

Bennu Coffee – 2001 E. MLK Jr. Blvd.

Afugã – 31 Navasota St.

Progress Coffee – 3421 N IH 35

Community Garden – 1401 Cedar Ave.

Of course, this list isn’t meant to be comprehensive. I have alot of favorite coffee shops not mentioned, but I took the liberty of focusing on those that are perfect for work, studying, a mid-day boost, or to fill yourself up with #atxbites.

You can betcha I’ll be adding and updating this in the months ahead, but until then, I hope you enjoy my recommendations!



Don’t see your favorite on the list? Let me know in a comment below.

This guide is part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance’s 2024 City Guide. Check out more of the best eats in Austin, curated by Austin food bloggers, on the full list of guides.


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