Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in Austin

August 17, 2020

Going through my pictures of food I’ve taken out during quarantine and I’ve realized I’ve eaten a ton of fried chicken sandwiches! Oops! I’m guilty and not ashamed though because they’re seriously the best. You’ll rarely find me order something else if there is a fried chicken sandwich on the menu.

Rather than load pictures of the sandwiches here, if you click on the map below, you’ll see videos and pictures from each of the locations listed in this roundup. Check it out! You can even order directly from the map!

Baton Creole

I’ve been a long time fan of everything Baton Creole makes and I appreciate that their creations are perfect to grab and go! I recently ordered their fried chicken sandwich and it has pimento cheese inside and WOWWWW! Game changer, y’all!

Galaxy Cafe

A longtime fixture in Austin, Galaxy Cafe is open for dine-in and take out and their menu blew me away! I really really loved their spicy fried chicken sandwich – it has fresh jalapenos so beware of you can’t handle the spice! I loved the kick!

Dai Due

While you can’t dine-in at their butcher shop, you can get all the meat and food to-go from Dai Due! I spotted a fried chicken sandwich on their menu and screamed out loud when I read that they add pickled watermelon rind! This sandwich was fabulous and I think it’s moved up to my top 3 fried chicken sandwiches I’ve ever eaten!

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Little Ola’s Biscuits at Olamaie

While Olamaie isn’t open, they’ve opened up Little Ola’s Biscuits and slinging biscuit everything every Thursday-Sunday! I missed Olamaie’s biscuits so much and this little take out only biscuit-making shop has made my dreams come true. Their fried chicken biscuit is excellent so be sure to order it and do not share it with your partner/roommate/family! Make them order their own. 🙂

Bird Bird Biscuit

Whenever I’m STARVING and literally wake up craving a fried chicken biscuit sandwich, Bird Bird Biscuit is my go-to. I hope online and order it, drive over and pick it up at the biscuit window, drive home and devour it! These are HUGE, super satisfying and thicc! My 99% usual order is the Queen Beak because I’m a sucker for fried chicken, bacon-infused chipotle mayo and cayenne black pepper honey!

Spicy Boys

Both of their trucks (Spicy Boys at Zilker Brewing and Spicy Boys popup Soursoup St. Elmo Brewing) are serving up all the fried chicken and I’m here for it especially if you’re East or South! The O.G. and Hot Gai are my sandwiches of choice and ALWAYS order the tots! Food from their trucks pairs perfectly with craft beer!

Vic and Al’s

From the owners of Patrizi’s, Vic and Al’s opened up across the street serving up some of the best Cajun food I’ve had in Austin! I highly recommend getting the Fried Chicken poboy and a side of gumbo! Oh, and a cocktail to go!

101 by Teahaus

The Spicy Haus Fried Chicken sandwich with a super tasty slaw on top from 101 by Teahaus is out of this world! I didn’t find it too spicy and since I already love their basil fried chicken, this sandwich was a no-brainer for me!

There are some awesome fried chicken sandwiches out in Austin that aren’t listed here and I know I know – as I get to them, I’ll add them here. In the meantime, send me your fried chicken sandwich recs down in the comments!

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August, 2020

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    September 1, 2020 at 12:43 am

    Oseyo, Better Half, Tumble 22, and Spicy Boys.

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      September 1, 2020 at 9:17 am

      All good recs! Thank you!

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