Barcelona Travel Guide: What to Eat, Drink and See

Been to Barcelona? If not, start planning now and book a flight there asap! As the second largest city in Spain, loaded with all the sights and sounds of a typical big city, but with the feels of a small one, Barcelona was one of my favorite cities I’ve visited to date. It’s modern, has a bustling city vibe, separated into neighborhoods that all have their own look and feel, it’s historic, multi-cultural, has an amazing food scene featuring Catalan dishes and tons of seafood, and so much nature all around! We spent 3 full days in Barcelona and only scratched the surface of all that this city has to offer. We definitely hit up all the highlighted spots and I’ve included my recommendations of restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail bars and things to see and do below. Be sure to check out the interactive map below for videos and pictures of each of the listed locations below. Clicking on each location will load videos and pictures that will give you an idea of the hot spots I hit up in Barcelona through my eyes! Transportation Tips Cabs are plentiful and very safe. We used the MyTaxi app to hail a … Continue reading Barcelona Travel Guide: What to Eat, Drink and See